Professional Quality Work Lights from Denmark is owned and operated by Danish company Scangrip A/S. offers you to purchase any Scangrip work light available and with delivery from Scangrip A/S warehouse in Denmark.

Scangrip offers you the latest LED technology within:

  • Floodlights
  • Flashlights
  • Pen lights
  • Headlamps
  • Inspection lights
  • Specialized work lights
  • Explosion Proof work lights
  • Detailing & Colour Match work lights


In addition, we offer high quality accessories designed for your Scangrip work lights such as the highly estimated Scangrip Tripod and Scangrip Wheel stand - just to mention a few.


It's no coincidence that Scangrip has managed to become a top brand across the globe when it comes to high quality, high tech, durable and thought out work lights designed for professionel users.


Please note: Orders from the UK will be delivered with UK 3 pin plugs. In case you need UK plugs and are based outside the UK, please leave a note when placing your order in the webshop and we will deliver the lights with UK plugs. Furthermore, we also offer our customers the following schuko adapters:


We deliver the necessary number of schuko adapters free of charge with orders worth at least EUR 200,- incl. VAT (EUR 160,- ex VAT).


With regards to prices, please note:

  • Prices will automatically be adjusted to prices ex VAT for EU based companies when typing the company VAT number in the Webshop's Checkout phase. The validity of all VAT numbers typed by the customers will be verified prior to shipping any parcels. 
  • Prices will automatically be adjusted to prices ex VAT when non-EU customers select country in the Checkout phase.



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