Scangrip EX PROOF (Explosion Proof)

Scangrip has taken advantage of the rapidly evolving LED technology and designed a new range of explosion proof LED work lights providing extremely bright illumination and at the same time offering a very long lifetime. 


The very competitive pricing of this new EX range combined with the very high quality and up-to-date explosion proof certificates included makes the Scangrip EX PROOF work lights the ideal choice for work tasks that are to be carried out in explosive atmospheres. 


The EX PROOF work lights are approved and certified according to the latest European 2014/34/EU ATEX directive and according to the international IECEx regulations. The certificates for each EX PROOF work light can be found when clicking on the individual Scangrip EX PROOF work light.


Click here to open the PDF version of the Scangrip EX PROOF brochure.


Click below to watch the Scangrip EX PROOF video.