Designed to do the job

Whether the task involves being detail oriented or looking at the overall picture, Scangrip LITE has got what it takes. Every need for lighting will be met, both in the industry, in the workshop or professionals requiring efficient work light not to mention the passionate amateur enjoying his hobby – or anyone in between.


Taking advantage of proven technologies

At Scangrip we innovate. As our customer you benefit from our lighting experience, using only the technologies that have proven to be the best. Customers of our Scangrip LITE products will profit from years of solid research resulting in lasting, durable and functional products.


No-nonsense work lights

The design of the Scangrip LITE product line is streamlined, functional and user-friendly. All unnecessary features are omitted for the benefit of precise and handy operation. The intuitive ready-to-use work light solutions ensure success right from the start.

What you get with Scangrip LITE is great value for money. – And still pure Scangrip.