The right light is your best tool!

As many other technologies, the technology behind LED workplace lighting and LED work lamps is in rapid development. On this page, you can read about the general technologies utilized in Scangrip Lighting’s work lamps.

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The SCANGRIP LIGHTING program includes work lamps with various light sources:

Work lamps with fluorescent tubes
Traditional florescent tubes provide a powerful white light, which is suitable for all kinds of work lamps. The light angle of the lamp is 180°, and this can be pointed in any direction without blinding.

The theoretical lifespan for fluorescent tubes is 5-10,000 hours, but for practical purposes, the lifespan is considerably shorter, since the lamp is typically used in a rough work environment, where it is subject to knocks and bumping or being dropped. Therefore, fluorescent tubes are deficient in needing to be changed frequently.

Examples of lamps with fluorescent tubes: STARLIGHTQUATTRO T-55

Suitable anywhere extra spotlight is needed in hard to reach places. The light angle of LEDs is about 30°. Limited distribution, but conversely high light intensity. LEDs have a lifespan of a minimum of 50,000 hours are incredibly resistant to bumps and knocks, which is why the actual lifespan for the LEDs goes far beyond the normal lifespan of the lamp.

At Scangrip Lighting LED, work lamps utilize the newest generation of LEDs that glow with a white light, as opposed to traditional LEDs that give off a blue light. The LEDs have an effect of 0,05W and consumes considerably less energy than fluorescent tubes.

Examples of lamps with LEDs: FLEXMAG.
Special advanced super-diodes, which, aside from their extremely long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, are characterized by the following properties:

Natural light
Gives off a very intense, white and natural light – similar to daylight, as opposed to traditional LEDs that provide a cool blue light. Therefore, these are especially suitable for repair work where correct recognition of color-coded wires, tubes, cables, or joints is important.

Intense brightness
Each diode has an effect of 1W, thus shining 20 times brighter than traditional LEDs. 

Great light distribution
ULTRA HIGH POWER LEDs shine with considerably greater distribution than traditional LEDs. The light source spreads the light in an angle of a full 80°, thus lighting a considerably greater area than traditional LEDs.

Example of light with ULTRA HIGH POWER LED: MAG2

The new COB (chips on board) LED technology produces unique and completely uniform illumination. It consists of a large number of chips per unit, whereby it creates only one shadow, which makes it particularly suitable for work area lighting.